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 +**Proposition de Postdoc de l'ANR AMATIS à l'ENS Lyon**
 +**Location** : ENS Lyon, France
 +**Duration**: 12 months (possibly extended to 24)
 +**Context**: ANR grant : AMATIS (Analyse Multifractale et Applications au Traitement de
 +l'Image et du Signal – Multifractal Analysis with Applications in Signal and Image Processing)
 +**Application profile** : The AMATIS research project aims at addressing mathematical questions raised by
 +multifractal analysis and its applications in signal and image processing (classification and model selection).
 +AMATIS intends to hire a collaborator with either a PhD in applied mathematics or in statistical signal and image processing. Candidates are expected to have a solid background in in applied harmonic analysis and to be familiar with or show a strong motivation for developping codes and routines for applications to real-world data.
 +**No teaching duties**
 +**Contact** : Stéphane Jaffard (00 33 14517 6599) Patrice Abry, (00 33 47272 8493)
 +Applications should be sent by email (with CV, selected articles and if relevant recommendation letter) : stephane.jaffard@u-pec.fr and patrice.abry@ens-lyon.fr
 +**Further information available at** : 
 +  * perso-math.univ-mlv.fr/users/jaffard.stephane/ 
 +  * perso.ens-lyon.fr/patrice.abry/
 +  * http://ens-lyon.fr/PHYSIQUE/index.php?page=equipe3&langue=anglais
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