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Andrzej Stos , Béatrice Vedel

PhD Position :

The SiSyPhe Group at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon is looking for candidates for a Ph.D position on Multifractal analysis for multivariate images for texture characterization and anomaly detection. The objective of this Ph.D is i) contributing theoretically to the multifractal analysis of multivariate, anisotropic, heterogeneous images and ii) developing the practical tools that implement these formal contributions and applying them in remote sensing and biomedical imaging problems. The thesis will be hosted at ENS Lyon and co-supervised by Patrice Abry (DR, CNRS, ENS Lyon) and Herwig Wendt (CR, CNRS, IRIT, Toulouse University). Only candidates with nationality from a E.U. country can be considered for funding.

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