Phenomena in high dimensions in geometric analysis, random matrices, and computational geometry

Roscoff, June 25-29, 2012


The purpose of the conference is to gather mathematicians working in different areas such as geometric analysis, random matrices and computational geometry who are all interested in the study of high dimensional phenomena. There was during the last decade an increasing number of interactions between these subjects, especially compressed sensing, geometric functional analysis, quantitative study of the spectrum of random matrices, isoperimetry, spectral gap and functional inequalities.

Lectures by

G. Aubrun, K. Ball, I. Barany, S. Bobkov, C. Bordenave, J. Briët, E. Candes, P. Caputo, D. Chafaï, R. Eldan, A. Giannopoulos, N. Gozlan, B. Kashin, A. Koldobsky, R. Latala, S. Mendelson, M. Meyer, E. Milman, A. Naor, K. Oleszkiewicz, G. Paouris, L. Pastur, D. Perez-Garcia, G. Pisier, H. Rauhut, N. Srivastava, N. Tomczak-Jaegermann, R. Vershynin


Practical informations

  • Lectures will start on Monday June 25 at 9am and end on Friday June 29 around 1pm
  • The conference will be held at the Centre de congrès CNRS de Roscoff, located on Place Georges Teissier. Please find here a presentation (in french) of the center.
  • The participants will stay in the Gulf Stream Hotel or in the Hotel de France.
  • The locations of the Conference center (station biologique) and the hotels are indicated on the following map, in french unfortunately.
    By Train: There is a train station in Roscoff and so this is the simplest solution. The travel from Paris is by TGV till Morlaix (booked seats only) and then by regional train/bus. For timetable and booking, go the SNCF webpage. Indicate Roscoff as final destination.
    By Plane: The closest airport is Brest airport. Air France has some flights from Paris (an example of Paris-Brest) and Lyon. To go from Brest to Roscoff (60 km) you can rent a car or book a taxi (the travel should cost around 120 euros), or else take the train to Morlaix and then Roscoff. You can find more information on taxis at the Tourist Information webpage.


Organizers E-Mail Affiliation
Guédon, Olivier Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée
Fradelizi, Matthieu Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
Cordero-Erausquin, Dario Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6
Barthe, Franck Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse
Participants E-Mail Affiliation
Pajor, Alain Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée
Meyer, Mathieu Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée
Marsiglietti, Arnaud Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
Latala, Rafal University of Warsaw
Paouris, Grigoris Texas A&M University
Koldobsky, Alexander University of Missouri-Columbia
Litvak, Alexander University of Alberta
Naor, Assaf Courant
Tomczak-Jaegermann, Nicole University of Alberta
Chafaï, Djalil Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
Youssef, pierre Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
Delabriere, Sylvie UPMC
Kashin, Boris Steklov Math. Institute, Moscow
Oleszkiewicz, Krzysztof University of Warsaw
Rauhut, Holger University of Bonn
Lecue, Guillaume CNRS, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-vallée
Schechtman, Gideon @@E-Mail@@ The Weizmann Institute
Candes, Emmanuel Stanford University
caputo, pietro Roma Tre
Nikhil Srivastava, Nikhil Princeton University
Ball, Keith Warwick
Ludwig, Monika TU Wien
David, Perez-Garcia Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Lehec, Joseph Université Paris-Dauphine
Bastero, Jesus Universidad de Zaragoza
Bordenave, Charles CNRS & Université de Toulouse
Queffélec, Hervé University of Lille 1
Friedland, Omer UPMC
Aubrun, Guillaume Université Lyon 1
Vershynin, Roman University of Michigan
Milman, Emanuel Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Kulikova, Tatiana Academic Publishing Center “Nauka” of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Queffélec, Martine University of Lille 1
Lust-Piquard, Francoise universite de Cergy
Giannopoulos, Apostolos University of Athens
Dann, Susanna Missouri State University
Pastur, Leonid Institute for Low Temperatures Acad. Sci. Ukraine
Giladi, Ohad UPMC
Werner, Elisabeth Case Western Reserve University
Gozlan, Nathael Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
Julio, Bernues Universidad de Zaragoza
Bobkov, Sergey Minnesota University
Mendelson, Shahar Technion
Pisier, Gilles Paris 6 and Texas A&M
Vritsiou, Beatrice-Helen University of Athens
Stavrakakis, Pantelis University of Athens
Briet, Jop CWI
Alonso, David Universidad de Murcia
Campi, Stefano Università di Siena (Italy)
Barany, Imre Renyi Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Nguyen, Van Hoang UPMC
Eldan, Ronen Tel Aviv University
Villa, Rafael Universidad de Sevilla
Najim, Jamal Télécom Paristech and CNRS
Deléaval, Luc Paris 6
Grupel, Uri Tel Aviv University
Kopecka, Eva Kepler University, Linz, Austria
Szarek, Stanislaw University Paris 6 and Case Western
  • To register, please use the form below (list above updated then automatically)
  • You need the registration code provided by the organizers
Registration form (worriers may use -a- for @)


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