Liste des orateurs:

  1. Bernd Ammann: The Lp-spectrum of the Dirac operator on hyperbolic space and applications
  2. Christian Bär: On the solution theory for Green-hyperbolic operators on manifolds
  3. Gérard Besson: Quelques variétés ouvertes de dimension 3
  4. César Del Corral: Classical pseudo-differential operators preserving polyhomgenity behaviour at the boundary
  5. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon: TBA
  6. Paul Gauduchon: Weakly complex structures on positive quaternion-Kähler manifolds
  7. Sylvestre Gallot: Barycentre methods and comparison between manifolds
  8. Colin Guillarmou: X-ray transform and boundary rigidity
  9. Rod Gover: Boundary calculus on conformally compact manifolds, and a boundary Yamabe problem
  10. Ursula Hamenstädt: Almost totally geodesic closed minimal surfaces in rank one locally symmetric manifolds
  11. Blaine Lawson: Potential Theory for Nonlinear PDE's
  12. Jean-Louis Milhorat: Dirac operator and holonomy on compact symmetric spaces
  13. Sergiu Moroianu: Positivity of the renormalized volume of almost-Fuchsian hyperbolic $3$-manifolds
  14. Sylvie Paycha: Traces on toroidal pseudodifferential operators and conformal invariance on the non-commutative torus
  15. Mihaela Pilca: Homogeneous Almost Quaternion-Hermitian Manifolds
  16. Simon Raulot: TBA
  17. Simon Salamon: Index theory and special geometries
  18. Alessandro Savo: Constant heat flow and the isoparametric property
  19. Uwe Semmelmann: Generalized Killing spinors
  20. Robert Stanton: Spinor constructions for exceptional Lie algebra
  21. Xiao Zhang: Spin geometry and the energy-momentum inequality for asymptotically AdS spacetimes
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